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What is PATHOS Public Speaking Club ?

PATHOS is a public speaking club based at the American Institute in Algiers with a mission to cultivate a generation of confident and effective communicators. Be part of our journey to build a better future, where communication is a strength and not a barrier. Our motto, "I am because we are", highlights our belief that growth and success are a collective effort.

The activities:

In PATHOS we believe that the ability to express oneself clearly and persuasively is an essential
skill in today's world, and that's why we provide our members with regular opportunities to
practice and refine their public speaking skills. Our supportive and inclusive community creates
a positive environment where participants can share their ideas, thoughts, emotions, and
entrepreneurial ventures with confidence.

they joined us
Pathos-LOGO-Main-RGB (4500 x 4500).png
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Unlock new opportunities by partnering with the American Institute

At The American Institute, you can learn English and connect with the community through our Clubs & Activities program. With a wide range of clubs and activities to cater to diverse interests, you'll be welcomed with friendly chatter and freshly brewed coffee in our vibrant space.

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