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English Language courses

General English class learning basic English conversation adult class
conversation class in person students discussing various topics with their teacher

Our curriculum adopts a communicative approach, fostering a stimulating environment to empower students in engaging in meaningful conversations and utilizing English in genuine scenarios. Each unit/level is meticulously structured to provide ample practice time, facilitating students' attainment of their desired language proficiency objectives.

Under the adept guidance and constructive feedback from our experienced instructors, students articulate their thoughts, opinions, and personal experiences across diverse subjects. Through a range of activities, including projects, debates, negotiations, and presentations, they fortify their speaking and listening capabilities while enhancing fluency and self-assurance.


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General English

The general English levels are designed for students who are just starting to learn the English language. These levels cover basic grammar, vocabulary,  and speaking skills required for everyday communication in English.

Offered online and in person.

Next Class: Open all year long.

Conversation Classes

These classes are designed based on the communicative approach with the aim to encourage students to have meaningful conversations and use English in authentic contexts. Students express their ideas, opinions, and experiences on various topics with the teacher's guidance and feedback. They build their speaking and listening skills as well as their fluency and confidence through various projects, debates, negotiations, and presentations.

Offered online and in person.

Next Class: Open all year long.


Score big on your IELTS exam with the help of our personalized preparation course. Our experienced instructors will focus on your strengths and weaknesses, helping you build your critical thinking and analytical skills, and share the best tips and tools that will help you succeed. The recommended minimum level of B2 for Academic IELTS, and B1 for General IELTS.

Offered online and in person.

Next Class: Open all year long.

Business English

 Designed to enhance your communication skills and boost your confidence, our program offers specialized modules to cater to various business contexts. From mastering business writing and presentations to honing your negotiation and networking skills, our expert instructors will guide you on your journey towards fluency and effectiveness in the global business arena. Join us now and open doors to endless opportunities for success in your professional pursuits.

Offered online and in person.

Next Class: Open all year long.

Private Classes                       

For students seeking individualized attention, we offer private classes. These classes are tailored to your specific needs and interests and can include test prep, conversations, or business English in specific fields.  Private classes provide students with personalized programs depending on their goals and schedule, both online or in-person,

Offered online and in person.

Next Class: Open all year long.

Class Timing                       

Time slots for Adult programs Online and in person at American Institute


STUDY Abroad Counseling (SAC)      

SAC (Study Abroad Counseling) are private counseling courses in which our Coaches offer expert guidance to students seeking admission to their dream university in the US or Canada. In these courses, you will receive personalized support to help you navigate the complicated admissions and visa process for universities abroad. We offer a free, one-hour consultation session to evaluate each student's candidacy before we begin; sign up for your free consultation today.

Levels B1.3-C2.2.

Online or in person.

Study abroad at American Institute

Sneak peek of an Online Conversation Class 

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