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1. Adults'Current Programs

Online groups (Adults)

Experience the convenience and flexibility of learning online this June!
Our Online English classes with native speakers offer the benefit of learning from the comfort of your own home, allowing you to maintain your routines and commitments without interruption. With easy access to interactive learning materials and virtual classrooms, you can optimize your language learning experience at your own pace.


In person groups (Adults)

Explore the dynamic learning environment of our in-person English classes this June! With both weekday and weekend options available, our classes provide flexibility to fit your schedule,  Benefit from dedicated spaces designed for immersive language practice, fostering meaningful interactions and cultural exchange.


Linguistic trip Cape Town South Africa (Adults)

Join the American Institute Algiers on a linguistic trip to Cape Town! Perfect for adults 18+ from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2) English levels. Immerse yourself in South Africa's unique culture while mastering English through hands-on learning. Book your adventure today and experience the vibrant city of Cape Town!


2. Kids Current Programs

English course groups for Kids and Teens

Choose the perfect English learning program for your child! Opt for our engaging online classes in the evenings, led by native English speakers, providing convenience and interactive learning from the comfort of home. Alternatively, join us in person on weekends for an immersive experience in a vibrant environment designed to spark curiosity and enhance language skills. Whether it's online or in person, our programs promise an enriching journey in English education. Select the option that best suits your schedule and preferences, and let the learning adventure begin!


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