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Our Programs

Welcome to the American Institute, where we cater to your individual English language needs and learning goals. Our comprehensive array of programs is designed to help you meet your objectives, and our interactive and warm learning environment will help bolster your confidence and ensure you can confidently use English proficiently in your daily life.


Our school offers two distinct categories of programs, tailored to suit different preferences and schedules:


1. Regular Programs: This is a well-balanced option with two classes per week, offering a consistent and manageable pace for learners looking to make steady progress in their language journey.



2. Intensive Programs: For those seeking a more accelerated and immersive experience, our intensive programs deliver classes more than three times per week, allowing participants to advance more rapidly to reach their language learning goals. These programs are recommended for those with limited by time or as a booster prior to a work conference or vacation. 


Join us at the American Institute, and embark on an enriching educational voyage, as we guide you towards English fluency in a dynamic and supportive learning environment.

Kid in English Class

Kids Programs

Discover our engaging and enriching kids programs, tailored for children aged 5 to 17. Foster their curiosity, creativity, and confidence.

Adult English Conversation Class

Adults Programs

Explore our diverse and comprehensive adult classes, carefully crafted to support your personal and professional growth.

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